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Dance, Music, Video, Interface and etc.


Dancer performance choreographed by Jubin Kim I participated with interactive video Sep. 2~3, 2017 @ Duri Theatre, Seoul Advertisements

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A Gesture Detection with Guitar Pickup and Earphone

Abstract We have introduced a new gesture-detection technique that utilizes the interference of earphones on a magnetic pickup. This technique is advantageous because it can be easily applied to almost … Continue reading

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Dislocation Performed at NIME 2013, KAIST Designed and performed by Jeong-seob Lee  

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“TAPIR: Sound as a New Medium for Music.” Leonardo Music Journal

Newly published paper that I participated a little, which discusses about high frequency sound as a media. ===================================================== Woon Seung Yeo, Keunhyoung Kim, Seunghun Kim, and Jeong-seob Lee. “TAPIR: Sound as … Continue reading

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Singing Tapfloor @ ICISTS-KOREA 2012

Performance(8PM, Aug.7) and installation(Aug.8) of The Singing Tapfloor @ ICISTS-KOREA 2012

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Respiration and Music

Figure1.Respiration sensor device This research aims to improve the correspondence between music and dance, and explores the use of human respiration pattern for musical applications with focus on the motional … Continue reading

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ADC Project-Don’t Imagine

New Media Performance with contemporary dancers Performance @ HANPAC Performing Art Center, Aug.2. 2011

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