Jeong-seob Lee [badclown]

Dance, Music, Video, Interface and etc.

Dance Floor Plan with Mobile App.


floorplanSampleIn this research, author suggests an interactive and intuitive mobile application to notate dynamic formation change in group dance which is the beauty of dance in conjunction with motion of a single human. Firstly, limitations of traditional notation systems and even less aids on floor plan were discussed. Those limitations results in inefficient and energy- consuming trial-and-error in creative work and inhibit artists’ creativity.

This research explores a new potential of digital media for notation of group dance formation. Essential information parameters to be a sound notation are investigated. Beneficial features of interactive digital media, such as synchroni- zation with music which is crucial in dance notation, are discussed. Existing software products in various creating areas gave inspiration in design of inter- face.

The mobile application is designed for users to intuitively draw and edit their own dynamic floor plan. User can record and review and share it highly effectively with other artists. This research is expected to help performing artist and expand their creativity.



Jeong-seob Lee, “An Intuitive Mobile Application for Notation of Group Dance Floor Plan”, HCI International 2014 – Posters’ Extended Abstracts, 349-354


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This entry was posted on March 21, 2014 by in Dance, Publication, Work.